Root Chakra
Strengthen your root chakra, super grounding, heal root chakra trauma and wounds, root chakra unblocking, increase root chakra vibration and light, material prosperity, heal your survival, heal your energetic roots to planet Earth, strong legs and inner roots, stimulate action and productivity, safety and calm, optimal physical health, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance manifestation

This product consists of a sound file encoded with highly beneficial energies that are broadcasted through the sound waves. We are using our own unique energy encoding system specifically designed for intertwining quantum energy with sound waves to create the perfect synergy for healing and harmony.

  • Most of our audios contain nature sounds, but what makes them uniquely powerful and beneficial is the quantum energy that we encoded in them;
  • The energy in this audio is not linear, instead, it's perfectly intertwined with and adapted to the uniqueness of every second of sound, giving you a complex and deep healing journey;
  • This sound file comes in MP3 format and has a duration of 2 minutes;
  • The 2 minutes of this audio are enough to give you the full effects, but if you need an extra boost you can put it on repeat for as long as you like;
  • You can listen to it with headphones or without, both ways will give you excellent results;
  • Play it close to your drinking water to structure, energize and harmonize it;
  • It can be played on phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, TVs, car audio systems, speakers;
  • You can play this audio at any volume you want, the effectiveness will be the same.